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Scott Bischke

Scott Bischke

Award-winning author writing books that matter

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A Fable of Epidemic Proportions (2023)

BAT CAVE: A FABLE OF EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS—book #2 of The Critter Chronicles series—starts where FISH TANK: A FABLE FOR OUR TIMES left off. The allegory considers threats we are all too aware of today, including epidemic disease and immigration. BAT CAVE tackles these issues and more, this time through the lens of a bald eagle, her friend a seagull, and multiple colonies of bats living in a cave, some bats local, some migrating through. BAT CAVE is a fun, science-savvy, thought-provoking story appropriate for all ages.

Bat Cave front cover

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About Scott Bischke

Scott Bischke

Scott Bischke is an author, an engineer, and a science communicator. Scott claims to have never experienced writer's block. Don't believe it? More astonishing news in his bio.

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