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Scott Bischke

Life & Times

Katie and Scott



I live with my wife, business partner, and best friend, Katie Gibson, in Montana. We have hiked, biked, and canoed in interesting places far and wide, including backpacking the length of the Continental Divide Trail from Canada to Mexico, and hiking and canoeing the length of the Yellowstone River. A common thread in all our travels is the shared desire to immerse ourselves in the peace, solitude, and tranquility of the natural world. We seek out people, places, and activities that reinforce our desire to live a life filled with positive energy. Perhaps more simply, we seek to live a life that reflects our gratitude for being alive each and every day.


A Writer's Life in Four Simple Bullets

  • I have lived with my wife through her recurrent cancer, and have shared with her the joy—post cancer—of walking 3,000 miles along the Continental Divide. 

  • I express myself best in writing, though friends will tell you that I am hard to shut up.

  • I have special love of a special place, Montana.

  • I have never experienced writer's block.

Writing Books that Matter

I am a reader, as well as a writer. I have a limited time each day, indeed in life, and I want the things I read to matter. Likewise, I want what I write to matter, to have a reason for being, to engage the reader. I believe that good story, crafted well, has the power to change the world. I have published a number of popular press books, as described in this website. Each of my books, in its own way, presents a topic I found critically important at the time I wrote it...and still do. The books and their reason for being follow:

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